"Hey there lovely~ I'm Drift. Just a mech looking to survive on the streets. If you've got the time and credits, or even energon or a room you can spare for a night, I'd love to sit down and have a... /chat/ with you~"

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19th November 2013

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19th November 2013

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19th November 2013

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citysrefuse asked: ❄ (also for Percy? omo)


{{ Teehee! You look like Drift. Are you a clone huh? Sent to spy on me, huh? Don’t you try to trick me! I know all the tricksh! }} 

{{ Percy! How many cupsh of energon does it take to get to Luna-1? }} 

:Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht ‘S cause I am Drift, cap’n~:


:Rodimus, please refrain from filling my inbox with drunken nonsense. Is Ultra Magnus aware of your condition?:

19th November 2013

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citysrefuse asked: ✪ Strip Club AU


Drift and Pharma work together, and are two of the highest paid mechs there.

((Yessssssssssssssssssssss this pleases me. We should do this some time.))

19th November 2013


So I heard D&D with the muses is a thing?

Drift isn’t so sure he likes his results.

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19th November 2013

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Guess my character’s pet peeves!


They’ll tell you how right you are on a scale of 1-10.

1 = that doesn’t bug me at all.
10 = dear god, yes! I want to kill people who do this!

(And as an added bonus if it really grinds their gears they’ll tell you why and maybe provide a fun anecdote!)

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18th November 2013


((Also, just gonna say this now. I ship Rotorstorm and Misfire. Broship, romantic ship, don’t matter.


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18th November 2013


((… Today is a really off day for me. I think I’m just going to lurk for 10 till I get off work, and then see you guys tomorrow or something.

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18th November 2013


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16th November 2013

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Of all the ways he’d expected to have started his morning, that had not been one of them. He hadn’t even registered the fact that Ratchet was armor-less and bare until his reaction to being spoken to made the gutter mech actually look for a reason as to why. But now it was obvious, if not from the lack of bulk he’d had the previous day, then from the protective way he held his chestplate over his lower body.

Drift couldn’t have helped the smirk that blossomed on his faceplates even if he’d wanted to. He did have the sense to stifle his laughter with a quick swipe of a servo over his face, though.

That had certainly escalated quickly. Usually he’d waited another day or two to get under their plating. Well, not counting most encounters he had with his job. Just the ones where the other mechs had played hard to get, which the doctor had made it clear he wasn’t. It was one of the few things he remembered from that drug-induced haze.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t look.

Definitely not touch or get closer, but just a look. After all, a good frame deserved admiration, and for all the ways the red and white mech ‘scared’ the gutter mech, he had a frame that was most certainly worthy of an admiring once over. Two admiring once overs, actually. But he’d keep himself from the third. Limits were always a good thing.

“Nope, still here, Doc,” The younger mech replied, still smirking as he shifted and pushed himself off the wall. At least he had the decency to turn around, though he did cast one more glance, surprisingly enough at his hands, over the other as he did so. “But y’re definitely gonna corrode now.”

“Also, nice view. It looks great.”

He gave in and snickered that time.

His mouth hung open a bit longer before it shut with a snap and he frowned viciously at the other. He hoisted himself out of the water, slinging the chest-plate at the other and scowling as it missed and sounded with a loud clang when it hit the grouns a small way away from drift, drenching him in the water that splashed up. Shoulders hunched up in frustration, he stuck a finger at the other’s back. 

"Alright, kid,” He spat, tone venom, “Lets get a few things straight. I’d say I don’t have time to bother with your little gutter-snipe frivolities, but you know as well as I do that’s not true. So first thing’s first; I don’ want you fraggin’ around my bay if all you’re gonna do is harass me!

"Second! I dunno where you get off laughin’ at me, but I’m the one who gave you this job and I’m not so fraggin’ obsessed with you that I won’t fire you before you pay me off! So get it through your fraggin’ helm right now that I’m not gonna lay down for you to walk on!”

Shoulders heaving with loud, raspy vents, his scowl hadn’t faded. Nobody was allowed to talk to him that way. 


Righting his posture, he shoved his hands into the water to grab his codpiece, snapping it back into place on his frame before flopping back down into the ebbing run-off, servo splayed over his chest and spark as he fought to bring his vents back into order. He stared at the space between his knees, steeling himself. He didn’t care if this mech was angry, or if this mech was scared of him.

You could take Ratchet’s home, his best friend, his job, his money, even his life if you wanted to, but the moment you tried to take his dignity, he’d fight back until he couldn’t fight anymore.

The gutter mech jumped away as if singed. Of course, considering the acidic tinge to the water, it really felt like he had been burnt. No wonder the red and white mech was being a grump-aft!

Whirling around and dropping into a defensive pose, Drift hissed angrily. If there was one thing he hated, it was getting wet. If there was one thing he abhorred, it was getting wet by acid!

“Look Doc,” he growled, optics orange with fiery emotion. “I stayed cause I thought y’ could use some  help, but if y’ want, then fine. I’ll be outta here so fast y’ won’ even see me go. Besides, I never asked for y’ to ‘save’ me anyway! For all you know, maybe I was trying to kill myself! Better death than living hell, right?!”

His voice dropped to a hiss, optics sinking closer to crimson. “Second, I was laughing at your reaction.  I know I suck at givin’ compliments, but th’ least y’ can do is tell me t’ shut up instead of tryin’ t’ corrode me too!” Letting out another frustrated growl, the black and white mech inched away from the other and back into the building, watching for more hurtling armor. So much for trusting Ratchet with his back.

It was a mistake he wasn’t going to make twice.

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